Youth In Revolt—Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (Blu-ray)

Movie: 3.5
Picture/Sound: 4/4
Extras: 3

Based on the acclaimed novel by C.D. Payne, "Youth In Revolt" is the story of Nick Twisp - a unique, but affable teen with a taste for the finer things in life like Sinatra and Fellini - who falls hopelessly in love with the beautiful, free-spirited Sheeni Saunders while on a family vacation. But family, geography and jealous ex-lovers conspire to keep these two apart. With Sheeni's encouragement, Nick abandons his dull, predictable life and develops a rebellious alter ego: Francois. With his ascot, his mustache and his cigarette, Francois will stop at nothing to be with Sheeni, and leads Nick Twisp on a path of destruction with unpredictable and uproarious consequences.

Next to Superbad, this is by far my favorite film with Michael Cera so far. Sure he plays the exact same role as always, but I love how the director wasn’t afraid to push the limits with the comedy in this one. There are so many good lines here and Cera’s dual personality is absolutely hilarious. Since the studios love to pump out so many lame teen movies, this is definitely a breath of fresh air!

Sony delivers a solid HD presentation with this Blu-ray. Dimensionality is outstanding and color and detail are both superb. The photography is very natural with little in the way of stylization and even the short animated sequences look great. The soundtrack is what you’d expect from the genre and does its job. Dialogue always sounds natural with no hint of distortion and the musical selections fit the film like a glove.

I was a bit disappointed that this one didn’t include a digital copy. This one would be fun for casual viewing on the road. It does have some deleted and alternate scenes along with some audition footage. You also get a feature commentary with the director and star.

This is a great teen sex comedy that isn’t afraid to be a bit dirty, definitely not for younger viewers! Sony delivers a great presentation making this one an easy recommendation!