The Man From Nowhere—Well Go

Video: 4.5/5
Audio: 5/5
Extras: 2.5/5

His only friend called him "The Man From Nowhere"... Taesik, a former special agent becomes a loner after losing his wife in a miserable accident and lives a bitter life running a pawnshop. He only has a few customers and a friend named Somi, a little girl next door. As Taesik spends more and more time with Somi, he gets attached to her. Then Somi is kidnapped by a gang, and as Taesik tries to save Somi by becoming deeply associated with the gang his mysterious past is revealed.

Well Go delivers a dazzling A/V presentation for this action gem. This is a VERY dark film with some of the best shadow detail and contrast I’ve seen in awhile. Blacks are inky without losing any detail and the stylized palette makes for a captivating image that impresses throughout. Colors lean toward the blues and only enhance the visual style and detail is razor sharp with no signs of smearing. The soundtrack is presented with its original Korean dub or an English track, both with lossless 5.1 mixes. The gunplay in this film packs some extreme punch and dynamic range. The soundtrack is bustling with surround activity with great panning and presence. The club sequences really turn up the bottom end giving you the distinct feeling of being right there in the action. A reference presentation in every way.

Extras include a look behind the scenes along with interviews with the cast and crew. You also get some trailers and a photo gallery.

This was a pleasant surprise for a film I’d never heard of before watching it. I have no doubt we’ll see a US remake at some point. By far one of the best action pieces I’ve seen from overseas in quite some time and engaging from beginning to end. If you’re a fan of hard R action, this is one not to miss!