Sex and Lucia— Palm Pictures (Blu-ray)

Video: 4.5/5
Audio: 3.5/5
Extras: 3/5

"Sex and Lucia" is an intensely erotic, daring and hypnotic tale of love and lust. After the loss of her boyfriend, Lucia escapes to a quiet Mediterranean island where she meets a new man and discovers the dark secrets of her past relationship. Audiences worldwide have embraced the film's sexual explosiveness and passionate storytelling. Dramatic, challenging and deeply romantic, "Sex and Lucia" has garnered much critical acclaim for its sensual bravery.

Palm Pictures delivers a gorgeous HD presentation for this erotic masterpiece. The photography is definitely on the stylized side of things with rich colors and blown out contrast, but its fine detail and breathtaking composition more than make up for it. Depth of image and overall dimensionality are far stronger than I was expecting and really add to the rich visual style of the film. The Spanish soundtrack is delivered in DTS-HD Master Audio and is also rewarding in its quaint sound design and playful score.

Extras include an in depth look at the production of the film and interviews with the cast and crew. You also get some trailers, a look at the soundtrack and a photo gallery.

You’d be hard pressed to find an American film that is this graphic in its sexuality yet still manages to come off as intelligent and sensual. This is not some late night Cinemax skin flick; it’s a breathtaking look at love, relationships and people. Recommended.

rachellerae2016's picture

If you're starved for on-screen nudity hot sexy girls, buff guys and sex garnished with art-film trappings. This could be the film you are looking for.The price you'll pay is putting up with the director's relentless Euro-pretension, manifested in a tediously contrived plot crammed with absurd coincidences, clunky symbolism and soap-operatic melodrama.The use of water as a metaphor could be the best thing ever.