iPod Comeback? Apple Updates its Iconic Music Player

The iPod touch was the last man standing when Apple phased out the nano and shuffle in 2017. Yesterday, Apple announced an updated iPod touch featuring a faster processor and two iPod firsts — Group FaceTime video chatting and support for augmented reality (AR) gaming.

The new super-slim player, expected in stores later this week and available to order on apple.com and via the Apple Store app, is available in 32-, 128-, and 256-GB versions priced at $199, $299, and $399, respectively.

The heart of the iPod touch is Apple’s A10 Fusion chip, which is “twice as fast as before” for more realistic gaming and immersive AR experiences with graphics three times faster than its predecessor, which was last updated in 2015.

“Games run even smoother and look even more beautiful” on the player’s 4-inch display, Apple said, adding that it plans to roll out more than 100 “new and exclusive” ad-free games when its Apple Arcade subscription gaming service launches in the fall. Apple Arcade will complement the catalog of free games already available on the App Store.

Beyond gaming, Apple said the player’s “fun and productive” AR capabilities extend to education and web browsing. “AR is even more engaging and immersive with the new capabilities of shared AR, persistent AR, which is tied to a specific location, and image detection, making it possible for the new iPod touch to magically bring to life 3D objects like toys and sculptures.”

The new Group FaceTime feature supports FaceTime video or audio calls with up to 32 people and automatically enlarges the tile of the person speaking to help everyone keep track of the conversation. iPod users can also send free messages with animated effects over Wi-Fi to another iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

The iPod touch is available in gray, white, gold, blue, pink, and red.

For more information, visit apple.com.

Billy's picture

Who is the market for this? Ten years ago, sure, but now? The world is flush with used smart phones. I have three of them, each time our daughter upgrades I get the old one. I use them for music on my walks and the wifi for at work. (Mr Tech uses a flip phone to talk! Looks just like a Stat Trek communicator, I am sooooo cool) What is this for, rich 8 year olds whose parents do not want them to have a phone? To sell to clueless grandparents as gifts for the grand kids? I just don't understand. Maybe Apple is feeling nostalgic and just won't let the reminder of the Golden Goose die. Personally, I think and Android device is so much better anyway, no I Tunes BS to deal with, just drop and drag.