Internet Time Comes to Consumer Electronics

Here's proof that the early adopter plays a dangerous game: Less than a year after the official release of their hard-disk-based video recording system, RePlay Networks announced last week that it is releasing a major upgrade to its system. RePlay says the new device, named the RePlayTV 2020, is a personal video recorder with twice as much storage capacity as the company's current best-selling model, and—here's the part that tweaks early adopters—at no increase in price: 20 hours of storage for $699.

RePlay says that the 2020 is available at and direct from RePlay through November 15. Starting November 15, the new model will also be sold online through other e-tailers. The company also states that the revised product features a new, completely redesigned remote control which can control other home electronics products such as TVs, VCRs, and DVD and CD players. RePlay Networks points out that each purchase includes a free lifetime subscription to the basic RePlayTV Service—no monthly fees.

Kim LeMasters, chairman and CEO of the newly named RePlay Networks, Inc., said the company will continue to look for ways to give RePlayTV customers more for their money. "To achieve our goal of getting personal TV into every home in America, we will continue to add features making RePlayTV more inviting to the customer. Doubling the storage capacity shows our commitment to offer the best value in personal television," LeMasters said.