Intel's Road Trip to the FCC

Intel Corp just went lobbying. A road trip to the FCC. Oh how fun! Seems that Intel wants the FCC to require Ethernet ports with IP capability on all cable set-top boxes. How convenient for them. The filing said, "Given the marketplace acceptance of IP, Intel suggests that this regulation should be amended so as to make mandatory the availability of boxes using an IP-based interface that facilitates home networking, such as Ethernet," Intel's filing concluded.

There's already an FCC regulation requiring cable operators to offer set-top boxes with a Firewire external bus from 2003. A 2004 rule states that cable companies must replace non-Firewire boxes with an equipped one or upgrade the system by download.

Do we really need the FCC telling us what goes on our cable boxes?

Lst5100p_1199063241355_l The electronics industry seems to be handling home networking and tru2way without needing a guiding hand by the government.

Intel has good intentions, we hope, but do we really need the FCC poking around our home theaters? Are they bringing a Blu-ray and a bottle of Shiraz? -Leslie Shapiro

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