Integra PrePro Introduces Advanced Video Calibration

Integra is the first manufacturer to offer Imaging Science Foundation's Certified Calibration Controls (ISFccc), which provides a simplified facilitation of individual calibration for different video sources. The Integra DHC-9.9 ($2000) is the first preamp/controller to include this technology (along with 2 new Integra AVRs) that ensures optimal image quality for every HDMI video input.

To maximize the benefits of ISF Certified calibration, a qualified technician with unrestricted access to the DHC-9.9's ISFccc menus can achieve optimal video performance for each video input.

Previously, video calibration effected all sources the same. Even if the video projector or TV had multiple settings, those settings effected all sources. However, the new video calibration functions on the DHC-9.9 allow up to three calibration settings -- day, night, or custom -- for each source. The system configurations are easy with reduced set-up time, and end-user friendly.

The DHC-9.9 is also outfitted with Silicon Optix' premium HQV Reon-VX processing for upscaling any analog or digital video source to 1080p over HDMI, except component video, which upscales to 1080i. The DHC-9.9 has four HDMI inputs with two HDMI outputs to facilitate applications such as a second monitor in the same room with a projector.

The Integra DHC-9.9 is also THX Ultra2 Plus certified. offers three-zones of audio and includes the new audio processing capabilities of THX Loudness Plus and Audyssey Dynamic EQ. Both are meant to improve the sound performance when listening to sources at moderate sound levels.

The DHC-9.9 includes Audyssey's MultEQ XT room acoustics correction and is compatible with MultEQ Pro, allowing certified installers to take fine tune room calibration beyond the automatic settings. The addition of Audyssey Dynamic Volume maintains consistent overall volume levels regardless of changes in the source.

A third Audyssey circuit is Dynamic Volume, which detects and corrects for undesired dramatic shifts in volume level during program changes and commercials, maintaining a consistent output level.

The DHC-9.9 uses three advanced TI Aureus™ 32-bit DSP chips to provide onboard decoding for every major format in use today, including the latest high definition and lossless audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.

The DHC-9.9 provides enhanced multizone capabilities, including fixed and variable line level outs with subwoofer for two additional zones. Zone 2 also includes both composite and HD-quality component video outputs, as well as independent tone controls. Zone 2 and Zone 3 both include balance controls as well as maximum and power-on volume settings.

The Integra pre/pro includes a variety of features specifically tailored to custom installion, including an Ethernet port for integration with network-based control systems, bi-directional RS-232, RIHD (Remote Interactive over HDMI) system control integration over HDMI, three programmable 12-volt triggers, dual IR inputs, and three unique assignable IR code sets.

The DHC-9.9 includes a high quality AM/FM radio tuner and built-in HD Radio reception capability, plus connections for both XM and Sirius antennas. It includes onboard Neural THX processing for multichannel surround programming on XM HD and other Neural THX sources.