Industry Group Says New Plug-In for Developers Will Expand the Reach of HDR10+ Gaming

HDR10+ Technologies LLC, the industry group that supports the HDR10+ high dynamic range (HDR) standard with over 150 adopters and more than 8,000 supported devices, today announced a new HDR10+ Gaming plug-in for game developers who use Epic Games’ Unreal Engine (a.k.a. UE).

“We are pleased to provide this new Unreal Engine plug-in directly to studios and developers to allow faster access to HDR10+ games on certified monitors and televisions,” said Bill Mandel, co-manager HDR10+ Technologies LLC. “We believe this new plug-in will further expand the adoption of HDR10+ Gaming across the industry.”

The HDR10+ Gaming plug-in is designed to enable “engaging game play, with low latency and a more immersive and realistic gaming experience across a variety of consumer electronics products” as well as maximize high dynamic range (HDR) display output and brightness levels without the need for manual user setup.

The plug-in is available to Unreal Engine users for free and said to ensure more seamless implementation and greater visual accuracy from the game engine to the display. Other benefits include convenient automatic calibration, optimized dynamic HDR rendering, low latency operation, and a more simplified QA test process.

HDR10+ Gaming is compatible with displays from Amazon Fire TV, Hisense, and Samsung and will be supported on The First Descendant, an upcoming game being developed by Nexon. For more information on the new gaming plug-in, visit For more on HDR10+, visit

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The announcement from HDR10+ Technologies LLC about their new HDR10+ Gaming plug-in for Unreal Engine is a big step for HDR gaming. It offers low latency and immersive gaming experiences on certified monitors and TVs. The plug-in is free for Unreal Engine users and ensures seamless integration and visual accuracy. It's compatible with Amazon Fire TV, Hisense, and Samsung displays and will be supported on the upcoming game, The First Descendant, by Nexon. For companies in custom software development, integrating this plug-in can enhance gaming experiences for clients and users.