Morning Glory—Paramount Pictures

Video: 4/5
Audio: 3/5
Extras: 2/5

For Becky, running a TV show in New York City was the big break she dreamed of... until star co-anchors Mike and Colleen declare an all-out, on-air war. Making the show work with its cast of eccentric characters and outrageous story angles will take a major miracle, but Becky is ready to rise and outshine.

Morning Glory looks great on Blu-ray but doesn’t quite deliver a reference quality presentation. Detail and dimension are good, but fine object detail isn’t quite up to the level of the best the format has to offer. Contrast is slightly exaggerated, but color is punchy and vibrant. Some scenes appear slightly soft, which hurts depth, but these are pretty few and far between. The soundtrack is par for the genre and delivers a nice sense of ambiance and atmosphere but lacks real dynamic range. Dialogue is natural though and provides the bulk of the mix.

Extras are pretty limited on this one and include some trailers, a deleted scene and a feature commentary.

Despite the mediocre reviews, Morning Glory was still pretty fun. McAdams definitely saves the film and Ford also does a convincing job as the crotchety old anchor man. Worth a rental.