Michael Jordan to the MAX—Lionsgate

Video: 3/5
Audio: 4/5
Extras: 3/5

Follow Michael Jordan's last basketball season as he leads the Chicago Bulls to their sixth NBA championship. "Michael Jordan: To The Max" provides a rare glimpse of Michael Jordan on and off the court, featuring electrifying on-court action and candid interviews with Phil Jackson, Steve Kerr, Doug Collins, and Bob Costas. Get ready to experience some of the greatest moments in modern sports history from one of the most dominant sports legends of all time.

I guess there is just a certain expectation when you get a Blu-ray in that was filmed in IMAX. Considering the staggering resolution afforded by true IMAX photography, you should be absolutely blown away with IMAX films scanned for Blu-ray playback. Unfortunately that is simply not the case here. This may well be the most unimpressive IMAX Blu-ray release yet. The film is a hodgepodge of different camera footage with only some of the presentation filmed in true IMAX. The IMAX footage looks good, but pales in comparison to the better IMAX presentations out there. The upconversion of the rest of the footage looks okay, but not great. The transfer just lacks the fine detail, dimension and clarity that I would expect given the source. The soundtrack fares a bit better with a nice balance of music, commentary and on court action.

Extras are a bit sparse and include a feature commentary with the directors, stats on Michael and a behind the scenes feature on the making of the IMAX film. You also get a highlight reel of Jordan’s famous dunks.

While a no brainer for Michael Jordan fans, this one was a bit disappointing from an A/V standpoint. IMAX films should be pure eye candy on Blu-ray and this just wasn’t there.