Lost in Space Bridges Computer, HT Markets

Danger, Will Robinson! How do you make a bad TV series worse? Make it into a movie. Or a computer game. Or both! That's the concept behind Lost in Space, a new DVD from New Line Home Cinema.

New Line's enhanced DVD is intended to take advantage of the fact that DVD-ROM drives are popping up in computers at several times the rate that DVD players are appearing in home-entertainment systems. The disc will contain not only the film---which played in theaters for a total of five months---but interactive computer games for the convergence market. Other film studios will be watching its progress with interest.

The $24.98 disc, one of New Line's Platinum series, will let users link to the Lost in Space Web site. It will also features technical information on the making of the film and biograhical data about director Stephen Hopkins and stars William Hurt, Gary Oldman, Matt LeBlanc, and Heather Graham. Scheduled to appear at video dealers throughout the galaxy on October 6, the disc might be fun for the whole space family. Diehard fans will also enjoy the Lost in Space discussion group.