Jackass 3—Paramount Pictures

Video: 4.5/5
Audio: 3.5/5
Extras: 4/5

3 times the laughs. 3 times the action. 3 times the pain. The Jackass guys are back for their wildest round of mischief and mayhem yet! You'll laugh 'til it hurts as Knoxville goes head-to-head with an angry bull, Bam stumbles through a tunnel of high-voltage tasers, and Steve-O takes to the skies in a fully loaded porta-potty.

Like all the films before it, Jackass 3 has more of a home movie type feel to it. Thankfully the bulk of the film was shot with HD cameras and manages to look pretty spectacular, when you can keep your eyes on it! Of course some of the handheld cameras aren’t quite up to snuff with the main footage, but this is never an issue. The soundtrack is also what you’d expect from the series with lots of close micing and some music thrown in for good measure. My only real disappointment is the lack of a true HD 3D presentation, which is unfortunately limited to the anaglyph format on the DVD only.

Paramount includes both a DVD and digital copy of the film with the Blu-ray. The DVD also contains a 3D version and some anaglyph glasses for viewing. Both the theatrical cut and unrated cut of the film are included along with plenty of deleted scenes, outtakes and on set hilarity.

These are love or hate films for most. If you liked the first two, see this one. If you are even slightly squeamish about violence, potty humor, bodily fluids and male nudity; stay away. I thought it was just as hilarious as the first two though and even the wife was chuckling most of the time!