Dan In Real Life—Touchstone Pictures (Blu-ray)

Video: 3.5/5
Audio: 4/5
Extras: 2.5/5

It is rare that a film completely catches me by surprise but this one surely did. It is rare that a film captures something that is near and dear to your heart and judging from the trailers for this I would never have thought this would be one that would. Dan In Real Life is a great story about finding love at the wrong time, with the wrong person and having it work you over. Dan meets that love and finds himself in a position I wouldn't wish upon anyone. Then for three days he suffers for your entertainment and the result is endearing, touching and extremely sweet. This is a great one for a date, a love or any time in between.

The HD transfer was a bit of a disappointment. The image is softer than what I've seen from Buena Vista lately, especially in backgrounds. Foreground detail is decent and close ups look good, but the image as a whole has a bit of a soft focus. Colors are a bit oversaturated at times, especially skin tones. The image has a very warm look to it as a result. Dimension is good overall and contrast is strong throughout but I thought things could have looked a bit sharper overall.

The 5.1 PCM soundtrack is average for the genre and one of those things that just moves along with the film. The score is never distracting and follows the tone of the film wonderfully. Dialogue always sounds natural and balance within the soundstage is dead on. Surrounds are used effectively for ambience but there is little in the way of discrete use. I never expect much from these types of films, but they never seem to disappoint.

Some nice extras on this disc but I must say I was disappointed in the rather obnoxious load times. There are some deleted scenes with an optional commentary, some outtakes and a few production features that cover the filming and scoring of the film. Last but not least is a feature length commentary.

If this film didn't come to me for review I doubt I would have seen it. Don't make the same mistake. Any fan of romantic drama should take the time, preferably with a loved one.