Copout—Warner Bros. (Blu-ray)

Movies: 3/5 Video: 4/5
Audio: 4/5
Extras: 4/5

Action star Bruce Willis and ace comic Tracy Morgan play bickering-but-got-your-back Brooklyn buddy cops. Kevin Smith directs the gritty, goofball goings-on as the guys hunt for a stolen 1952 mint-condition baseball card, a hunt plunging them into a gunslinging war with a deadly drug ring. Batter up, fans. The boys are ready to take you out to the ol' brawl game.

This is the first film that Kevin Smith has directed that wasn’t from his own original script. It is also his first outing into the action genre, though it is an action comedy. The film fits his style nicely and does offers some great laughs. Willis shows again that he is a great versatile actor with a flair for action and comedy and both Morgan and Scott are absolutely hilarious, with Scott stealing every scene he’s in. The story arc is a bit too cut and paste, but the laughs make up for it.

Warner serves up a great looking and sounding disc. The video presentation has a bit of a stylized look but has plenty of great detail and flare. Dimensionality is strong and contrast is outstanding with deep, deep blacks and plenty of shadow detail. The DTS-HD Master Audio mix is also good though lacking a bit in the dynamic range during some of the shootouts. I love Smith’s soundtrack selections though and there are certainly no complaints when it comes to the surround soundstage.

Warner serves up a fully loaded Blu-ray edition that features not only a DVD copy of the film but also a digital copy for your portable devices. This Blu-ray also features Warner’s picture-in-picture Maximum Movie Mode that lets Kevin Smith and Sean William Scott talk about the film while you watch it. These guys really are funny and make the feature a must watch for fans. You also get some interviews, facts and trailers.

This is a departure for Smith from his usual indie fare but a pretty funny addition to the typical buddy cop genre. Warner serves up a great package for the film making it an easy recommendation.