Animetronic Fuses Japanese Animation and Electronic Music

Last week, Platinum Entertainment and Pioneer Entertainment announced plans to jointly develop and create Animetronic, a series of multiple-format music and video releases that combine Japanese animation with original, new electronic-music compositions. Terms of the partnership were finalized at the Winter Music Conference in Miami by Steve Devick, Platinum president and CEO, and Yosuke "James" Kobayashi, president of Pioneer Entertainment.

"This is an exciting venture that will allow Platinum and Pioneer to take the best advantage of their respective strengths in the marketplace," says Devick. Kobayashi agrees, adding, "New technology is providing the means to bring successful catalog titles to new audiences. This partnership presents an ideal opportunity to further implement the assets of both companies."

Officials from Pioneer and Intersound, Platinum Entertainment's electronic-music imprint, were brought together by Grammy-nominated artist and producer Daisuke Hinata, who conceived the Animetronic project and will contribute to the conceptual album. For those unfamiliar with the term, Anime (also called manga or "Japanimation") presents a realistic style of animation in a variety of genres, from science fiction and action to drama and romance stories.

The joint agreement calls for Pioneer Entertainment to release and distribute the Animetronic series on DVD and VHS tape. Each digitally mastered DVD will feature Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound and an interactive menu that allows users to view alternative angles, plus special artist interviews, trailer footage, and extensive production notes.