HT Poll: Which Service Do You Use Most for Streaming Movies and TV?

Video streaming may be growing in popularity but sales of Blu-ray discs and DVDs still accounted for 61 percent of home-video spending on movies in 2012, according to the latest statistics from market research firm The NPD Group.

Does video streaming play a role in how you experience TV and movies at home? If so, take part in this week's Home Theater Poll and let us know which service you use most.

HT Poll: Which Service Do You Use Most for Streaming Movies and TV?
46% (569 votes)
Amazon Instant Video/Amazon Prime
9% (118 votes)
Hulu/Hulu Plus
4% (46 votes)
6% (74 votes)
Redbox Instant
0% (3 votes)
5% (63 votes)
Cable/Satellite On Demand
6% (71 votes)
Other Service
3% (41 votes)
None - I don't stream video
21% (265 votes)
Total votes: 1250

epetti's picture

I'm surprised Netflix isn't one of the named options in the poll. It's definitely my primary choice and I'm guessing a lot of other people's.

Bob Ankosko's picture
Oops. Netflix was on the list but indvertently ommitted when the poll was activated yesterday. Our apologies. It has been added and we will take the omission into account when the results are tallied.
theaterdude's picture

I'd guess the 800 pound gorilla in the room (Netlix) was excluded to promote the other services listed to stereophile/hometheater audiences, e.g. hey don't forget about these other services! Or, to tell the other services how far behind they are without having to mention Netflix and they should advertise with Stereophile. Nothing wrong with that, but that's the motive I see.

I use Netflix. I think it's terrific, though a better service could unseat them. More streaming content at the same or lower price.

Oh, and I have no professional or financial interest in Netflix, directly or indirectly.

jjljr's picture

ok ... this is getting ridiculous ... at CES, Cnet wasn't allowed to give it's Top Prize to Dish Network, becuz CBS -- Cnet's parent company -- is suing Dish over their new DVR.

So now HT Magazine polls its readers about their favorite streaming service, and they quite-obviously exclude Netflix. This is sorta-like asking "what is your favorite smartphone", and then leave the iPhone out.

What's up HT Mag? What are you hiding? What conflict of interest are you not reporting? Everyone knows Netflix is #1 in this space ... excluding them kills your credibility. I'll still read your stuff, but I can't take your reviews seriously, as you're clearly not objective anymore.

MatthewWeflen's picture

It's actually really close between Netflix and (free) Hulu for my household. We use Hulu (via streaming PC) as a sort of DVR of current network programmming, and Netflix (via AV receiver) to catch up on older cable shows (e.g. Mythbusters, Futurama, Mad Men).

We tried Hulu Plus for a 3 month trial, but ended up dropping it. It didn't provide significant value over the free version for us. The video quality wasn't that much better, it only offered a few more episodes of a given show, and it still had commercials.

Any way you slice it, though, for our money, the combination of the two (plus other video such as PBS via streaming PC), and OTA HD programming, is way better than shelling out $70 or more monthly for cable.

I'm definitely going to rue the day that Hulu axes its free site and goes subscription only.

notabadname's picture

I love Vudu for having the most recent releases in film or TV programming, such as the current season of Breaking Bad or American Horror Story. Always excellent quality in both picture and sound. I also like its compatibility with UltraViolet, the very common digital copy option with many blu-rays.

kevbass's picture

Even though I use Netflix the most, Vudu is a close second due to the latest releases plus their overall image and sound quality.