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How Much Do You Watch TV at Home vs. Mobile?

Steve Guttenberg recently posed an interesting question in his Audiophiliac blog—Will you still watch TV at home in 10 years? He points out that people don't listen to much music at home any more thanks to the iPod and other portable music players, and he wonders if the same thing will happen to video with the iPad and smartphones.

I sure as hell hope we'll still be watching TV at home in 10 years—I know I will be if I'm still around—but I also recognize that this activity is becoming more mobile, especially among younger viewers. Still, I expect both forms of TV consumption to remain viable for a long time—at home for the big-screen, high-quality experience and on a mobile device to pass the commute time (assuming you don't drive to and from work!).

Guttenberg's question got me wondering about the time our readers spend watching TV at home versus on the go—what is that ratio for you? When you cast your vote, select the ratio that most closely reflects your viewing habits. It will be very interesting to see the distribution of responses, and perhaps I'll run this question again in a year or two—or 10—to see how that distribution changes.

Vote to see the results and leave a comment about your choice.

How Much Do You Watch TV at Home vs. Mobile?