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How Much Do You Plan to Invest in Your Home Theater?

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Last week, I asked how much you have invested in your home theater. Among the many interesting comments was one from willieconway, who proposed a related question: How much do you plan to invest over the next few years?

I realize that, in an uncertain economy, it's difficult to predict how much you might spend on your home theater. But assuming your circumstances remain as they are now, do you plan to upgrade your system in the next, say, two years? If so, how much do you think you might spend? Will you concentrate more on the video, audio, or environment?

Vote to see the results and leave a comment about your choice.

How Much Do You Plan to Invest in Your Home Theater?

Jarod's picture

In the next 2 years I plan to spend $6,000 to $10,000 on upgrading to a projector and screen, as well as all new speakers.

Deckard's picture

Just finished with all my major hardware purchases. The only component I need is a good universal remote. Now I'm more focused on details like a new cabinet for my home theater system, new couches, new floors, better lighting. I may sneak in professional calibration. Over the past year I replaced the tv, reciever, upgraded to HD satellite, and got a new blu ray. I only spent about $2500 on the hardware but it looks like the fine details will cost more than the system itself. It's a good thing my wife can get behind buying new furniture.

Ladyfingers's picture

At some point I hope to take advantage of a budget version of the new all-digital PWM amplifier technology that NAD is using in their M2. I'll sell my T747 and spend a little extra for that kind of improvement.

Animal1984's picture

I voted for 1000-3000 range, but that's not to say it won't go over that. All the speakers are what will probably drive me over.

ElitePolker's picture

I sure that I will be looking in to a 5 or 7 channel amp with 300 watts @ 8ohms and 4ohms stable. This will cost $2500-$4000. I also want a 3D projector and screen. Another $3000 for those. I also want to upgrade my current speakers to Polk LSiM's which will cost at least another $5000.

Yes, $10,000 is going to be spent. I will sale some of my items to get there but it is what it is.

davey49's picture

I'd like to consolidate both my home theater/video setup and my 2 channel setup into one. I'll need a home theater amp that will drive 4 ohm speakers (Polk LSi9) plus I would like a phono input (and a turntable)
I also need a new screen and I'm hoping that the new cheap 50" LCDs are good enough

Sackrat's picture

Have all new TV, Prepro, Blu Ray, etc. However, my Rotel Prepro does not have room EQ. So I am looking to purchase XTZ Room EQ and EQ the room. Along with perhaps adding some sound deadning and reverb prevention where most needed. Otherwise I am a happy camper where I am for now and next two years.

2orque's picture

I just built my media room less than a year ago so other than some room autistic treatment it is good. I am not a fan of 3D so I am going to wait until 4K becomes more the norm and will think about updating my stuff then.

pointfdr's picture

i should be good for awhile just finished $12,000 upgrade but the oppo blu-ray player is calling and the Logitech remote but other then that like the guy above i will be waiting for 4k to be mainstream. bigger lcd screens 93" 4k would be nice.are you listening tv manufactures bigger screens or your going to lose to the projector.

ca1ore's picture

Of course, I've said this same thing a few times in the past .....

I'm at the point with my system where it is hard to see ways to improve it - short of spending massive sums (which ain't happening) or the arrival of significantly better technology/standards. I could, for example, see affordable 4K projectors being irresistable once an appropriate native source becomes available.

For now, my 'investments' will be limited to repair costs, tube/bulb replacements and software.

applebyter's picture

I've got a good system, where the audio is spectacular and any appreciable upgrade would be astronomical. The only real upgrade in the next couple of years is for a new projector, so $3-$6K.

Unless I finally create a dedicated theatre (and convince my SO of this). Then we're talking in the $50-$100K range.

Krondo_jd's picture

My 2006 Sony 60" SXRD set is still looking great in my smallish theater room but I'll probably replace it with a 65" Panny plasma in the next year or two. I don't think the larger OLED panels will be affordable by then and I've been very happy with the Panny 50G25 plasma in my bedroom.

ca1ore's picture

Surprised your SXRD is still running. Most of them (including mine) developed light block issues manifested through color streaking and a yellow/green cast. Sony was actually replacing these sets as recently as last year.

starfury100's picture

I bought my 70" KDF-70XBR950 back in 2005 and it finally developed the dreaded optical block problem. Its still a great TV and looks huge

Krondo_jd's picture

Sony replaced the optical block for free two years ago after it developed the dreaded yellow/green tinge. The tech that replaced it said that the new block used glass instead of plastic so I shouldn't have that issue again. We'll see....but so far it still looks great!

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