Holiday Specials Up to 30% Off from Atlantic Tech

Atlantic Technology is getting in the holiday spirit by offering discounts on a number of its products. Here’s a quick rundown...

PBM2 subwoofer, rated down to 35 Hz and featuring a 6 x 9-inch driver, 130-watt amp, and separate 2 x 40-watt amp for powering external speakers in a 13-pound enclosure measuring only 15 x 8 x 9 inches: $349, 22% off the regular price of $450

FS-252 wireless powered speaker incorporating proprietary SKAA technology: $599, 20% off the regular price of $749

Gatecrasher1 wireless multiroom speaker, which can be controlled by voice commands thanks to its new “Works with Alexa” certification: $349, 30% off the regular price of $499

PR-235 H-PAS Powerbar, a 42-inch-wide soundbar with two 0.75-inch tweeter/4-inch woofer driver complements rated to play down to 47 Hz: $549, 31% off the regular price of $799

Wireless Stereo Bundle, featuring two SKAA-enabled LCR2 speakers and a compact 2 x 100-watt wireless streaming amp: $499, 23% off the regular price of $649

FS-BT210 wireless over-ear headphones, featuring 0.4-inch drivers and a rated play time of 30 hours per charge: $89, 25% off the regular price of $119

FS-HAL1 earphones, featuring a three-driver design: $139, 30% of the regular price of $199

Atlantic's holiday sale ends January 2.

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