Hitachi's Blu-ray Hybrid Camcorder

Hitachi just introduced a new generation hybrid camcorder with the ability to record internally onto Blu-ray Disc. That might be just what you needed to run out and get a Blu-ray player for your home theater.

The DZ-BD10HA is new and improved from last year's model. It features a 7 mega pixel CMOS sensor, capable of capturing 1920 x 1080 stills in addition to HD video. The DZ-BD10HA can record up to 4 hours and twenty minutes of 1920 x 1080 video, or double that for 1440 x 1080. There's a built-in 30GB HDD. For even more flexibility, there's a built-in SDHC card slot that allows for Full HD video and stills.

However, what makes this an interesting option is the dubbing feature. With the push of a button, video is transfered from the HDD or card to the BD drive. Some basic editing functions, including basic transitions can be done right in the camcorder. Not ready for Blu-ray? You can also transfer to standard-def DVD too.

What other features does the DZ-BD10HA have?

The DZ-BD10HA has face detection and optical image stabilization.

Bluray_banner "Hitachi is well known for having introduced the world's first DVD camcorder, the world's first Hybrid camcorder with a DVD drive and a Hard Disk Drive and the world's first Blu-ray camcorder," said Daniel Lee, Vice President of Marketing at Hitachi Home Electronics, America. "Hitachi continues to improve upon and deliver cutting-edge and innovative products, and is pleased to offer the latest upgrades in camcorder technology to its customers and consumers.  The new DZ-BD10HA underscores Hitachi's commitment to developing original technologies that consumers can easily embrace."

The DZ-BD10HA will retail for $1099 when it debuts in September. -Leslie Shapiro