Higher-res Slingplayer coming to the iPad, Windows Phone 7

Former Sling staffer, Dave Zats has some information about the placeshifting outfit's plans for the upcoming Apple iPad, as well as Windows Phone 7. His post isn't loaded with specifics, but it does confirm the fact that the Sling team is moving toward H.264 (like most of the other big boys), which should open more doors than their previously-used WMV solution. In order to play nice with Windows Phone 7, they're going to be using Silverlight, which doesn't come as much of a surprise. He also confirms that plans are in the works to upgrae the increasingly obsolete 320 x 240 resolution currently in place. It's good news all around and has me hopeful that, within a few years, we'll have HD streaming coming at us from every direction.

From: Zatznotfunny via Crunchgear