HI-FI '98 Product Previews, Part Two

Several manufacturers will be demonstrating state-of-the-art home-theater products at HI-FI '98, some of which have never been seen by the public before.

Theta will be unveiling "next-generation" wares, including the public debut of DaViD, the company's first DVD transport. This product includes custom circuitry to reduce jitter, special digital video filters, top-spec audio stages, and a comprehensive selection of outputs. Weighing a substantial 25 lbs., DaViD will retail for $4500.

Mercifully not named Goliath, Theta's new flagship disc spinner is called the Voyager Universal Transport, which is a perfect choice for those who want laserdisc capability in addition to all that DaViD provides. Like DaViD, the Voyager handles myriad audio formats, including PCM, Dolby Digital, and DTS, with a complete array of output types, including RF for Dolby Digital laserdiscs. Two separate laser pickups are provided---one for DVD and one for CDs and laserdiscs---to ensure the best performance from all three media. Weighing in at 52 lbs., the Voyager sells for $6500.

Other new products available for auditioning will include the charmingly named CasaNova and---for those who can't wait for the future---the 96 kHz version of the legendary Theta Generation V D/A converter. Theta will be sharing space with Ambrosia and Systems Design Group.

Aerial Acoustics
Aerial Acoustics plans to announce their powerful yet compact W3 subwoofer, which is designed for use in both music and home-theater systems. The self-powered system provides solid, quick, accurate bass with a flat frequency response down to 20 Hz thanks to a 12.5-inch driver with two full inches of linear travel. The subwoofer includes a high-current 300W amplifier and has six user-selectable crossover frequencies, balanced and RCA inputs/outputs, and a full-function remote control. The W3 has been designed for horizontal or vertical positioning.

VAC/Valve Amplification Company
On hand at HI-FI '98 will be VAC's Visionary Audio Components System, including the PTS100 2-channel, solid-state amplifier. This is a 100 Wpc high-end audio/home-theater amplifier that can be bridged to 200W mono. Also on display will be the PTT100, a 100 Wpc three-channel, solid-state home-theater amplifier for front three channels.

According to VAC, the Visionary System products integrate superb-sounding vacuum-tube and solid-state technology into a system with true high-end sonic performance, unified visual appeal, and total ease of use. The attractive appearance of the VAC Visionary System and its user-changeable cosmetic trim make high-end audio and home-theater sound welcome in any domestic environment, and it attracts consumers who might not have previously considered the purchase of high-end products. These components feature a unique vibration-control system consisting of purpose-designed, high-durometer spacers that fit between the pillars of the individual units. The pillars absorb unwanted resonances for maximum sonic clarity and eliminate the need for aftermarket vibration-control accessories.

Twisted Pair Designs
Twisted Pair Designs will introduce a new line of A/V cables. The Dms A/V Solution Series is designed to offer complete cabling for the evolving home-theater and A/V markets.

According to Twisted Pair Designs, these cables work together to offer the superb audio and video performance demanded by state-of-the-art home theater and A/V systems. The new series initially includes audio interconnect, speaker, and S/PDIF digital cables as well as video-composite (RCA/BNC/F-type), S-video, and component (D-sub HD15-RCA/BNC, 3-, 4-, and 5-channel) video interconnects.