HDR10+ Developers Now Licensing the Technology Royalty-Free

HDR10+ Technologies — the partnership formed by Twentieth Century Fox, Panasonic, and Samsung — has announced the start of a licensing and logo certification program for the HDR10+ open standard High Dynamic Range (HDR) platform announced last year.

The technology is said to optimize picture quality for 4K/Ultra HD displays by using dynamic tone mapping to reflect frame-to-frame or scene-to-scene variations in brightness, color saturation, and contrast. This dynamic metadata approach is similar to Dolby Vision and extends HDR performance beyond the HDR10 format, which is a static system that uses the same metadata throughout a program.

The HDR10+ license and logo certification is being offered royalty-free to companies that meet technical and testing specifications. The certification program qualifies the compliance based on technical performance in different device categories to “ensure that HDR10+ compliant products meet high standards for picture quality.”

Consumers will be able to look for the HDR10+ logo which signifies a product’s certification. HDR10+ Technologies said the platform is supported by more than 40 companies involved in content production, distribution, and consumption.

“HDR10+ improves the viewing experience for all audiences by delivering higher picture quality to a wider range of affordable TVs and devices.” said Danny Kaye, executive vice president of 20th Century Fox and managing director of the Fox Innovation Lab.

“This program was designed with consumers in mind, highlighting our commitment to improving the overall HDR experience while simultaneously extending the HDR10+ ecosystem globally,” added Bill Mandel, vice president of industry relations at Samsung Research America.

For more information, visit hdr10plus.org.