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Have You Heard Exotic Cables Improve Sound Quality?

The effect of cables on sound quality is one of the most contentious debates in all of audiophilia that applies most commonly to analog cables. Manufacturers make extravagant claims about how different cable materials and geometries affect the sound—and they charge extravagant prices for these innovations.

One can measure things like impedance, capacitance, inductance, and other electrical properties of cables, but if two different cables exhibit the same measurement results, will they necessarily sound the same? Or might there be unknown—and thus unmeasured—properties that affect the sound?

Of course, most audiophiles don't have access to sophisticated measuring equipment, so they must rely on their own ears to determine if different cables make a difference to the sound for them. Swapping cables in and out of a system is a huge hassle, but many have done it to see if they can hear any differences. Have you heard exotic/expensive cables improve the sound quality of an audio system?

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Have You Heard Exotic Cables Improve Sound Quality?