Happy Labor Day HDTV Sale!

Black Friday's coming early in the HDTV market. Just in time for all your favorite network shows to return - to say nothing of the fall classics and my fav, college football - HDTVs are going on sale. If you're in the market for a new set, you might want to wait until Labor Day before you plunk down that plastic.

Insider sources are reporting price cuts from Samsung, Sony, Mitsubishi, and Panasonic. You can bet your remote control that the other major players will also be cutting prices to match those from these players.

These aren't old models - it's the current 2008 model lines that will be discounted. What's causing the price drop?

It's the usual supply vs. demand. Stores are overflowing with stock as the current financial woes dip into consumers' wallets. Time to cut prices and get people shopping. Shop, people, shop!

HD Guru has a list of the Samsung models and retail prices, which should be a bit higher than the street prices you'll see at your local retailer. Check them out, then go shopping! -Leslie Shapiro

HD Guru