Grumpy Old Men (Blu-ray)

Two elderly, eccentric, next-door neighbors sustain a rancorous relationship that only a wise observer could recognize as a very special friendship. When a lonely, flamboyant, middle-aged widow moves in across the street from them, the male rivalry begins. One of the great screen duos of all time - Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau - reunite in this romantic comedy that examines the decades-old love-hate relationship between two neighbors and the way their lives are thrown into total upheaval when a lovely, free-spirited widow moves in across the street.

I had almost forgot about this film despite falling in love with it ages ago. Lemmon and Matthau are hilarious as bitter rivals who go out of their way to impress the new “hottie” (Ann-Margret) in town. This film stands the test of time and delivers some priceless laughs and is a nice addition to any Blu-ray library.

Warner delivers a solid transfer for this catalog classic. Some of the matte shots early on are soft but the principal photography holds up well. The image has a nice sense of dimension and depth and contrast is stronger than expected. Fine detail is good, but short of reference and colors are slightly muted. All things considered it looks pretty good for an older film.

The Dolby TrueHD soundtrack is limited to stereo for its but the front soundstage manages to keep a pretty open balance. The film’s score provides decent range and the mix has a pretty spacious feel. Dialog is a tad bright and a bit forward, but given its age, it isn't too surprising.

Extras are limited to the trailer.

Good catalog comedies are hard to come by but this one is still a treat. Warner has delivered a pretty good presentation so if you can get a good deal worth picking up.

Release Date:July 7, 2009
Studio: Warner

Movie: 8/10
Picture: 8/10
Sound: 6/10

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