'The Goonies' never say die, but they do say deluxe 25th anniversary Blu-ray release!


25 years ago, The Goonies came out in theaters and became an American classic. Now, Warner Home Video is releasing a huge and rather strange Blu-ray Disc version of the movie. The release not only includes the film in funky new packaging, but features a reprint of the 1985 Goonies magazine, a reprint of the 2009 Empire Magazine article about the film, reproductions of the original storyboard, and The Goonies Board Game.

Yes, this Blu-ray Disc release comes with a board game based on The Goonies. It has a big game board, cards, tokens of the film's characters, all of the things you'd expect from a board game. It's a weird addition to any home video release, but considering the nostalgia value of The Goonies, it sort of fits. The Goonies 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray releases November 2 with a retail price of $35 on Amazon.com.

Will Greenwald

[Source: Uncrate via Gizmodo]