Google TV gets a new website, app preview video


We're curious to say the least about what will happen when Google TV  finally lands in the hands of the general public, but today Google unleashed a video preview of their new applications and it's looking very promising.

The video covers a lot, from Netflix and Amazon Unbox to more specific apps like a CNBC stock ticker and even the ever-polarizing Twitter. The common thread they share is that they all look intuitive and easy to navigate, which is going to be extremely important if this is going to work for them on a grand scale. 

They have also created a new website with a more thorough overview of the whole package. It also promises that developers will be able to create apps for Google TV starting in 2011, which means Android is about to get even more interesting than it already is.

This news is all made more interesting by the very recent release of Apple's new $100, rental-only Apple TV. But, if early indications turn out to be true, it looks like Google will be staying well-ahead of Apple for a while when it comes to dominating the TV screen.