Getting your smartphone into the vinyl groove

Chris Feickert (the Dr. Feickert behind turntable and turntable alignment tool) designer Dr. Feickert Analogue) has been working on Adjust+-an interesting hardware/software test suite for turntable adjustment-for a couple of years now. Adjust+ itself (which will set you back from $350 to $700 depending on how complete a package you want) consists of a desktop application (for Windows, but plays nice with VMWare Fusion on the Mac) designed to work along with an accompanying 7" full of test tones. It's an impressively complete set of tools-maybe not as visually impressive as Feickert's Triple turntable (below), but it's a bit more likely to find a home in the average high-end system.

Feickert's new PlatterSpeed (available for both Mzl.rkpmrzsl.320x480-75
it's designed to work with a 3150 Hz test tone (conveniently found on the Adjust+ record, on some other test records, including one put out by a magazine we used to know, or who might have something kicking around if you're a storm safety enthusiast). More accurate than a strobe disc, says Feickert, and since it displays the turntable's speed on the fly it's likely to be a somewhat clearer reference than using a tuner. So if you own or can find an appropriate test platter (or if you've simply left your computer all the way on the other end of your palatial estate) this may not a bad way to keep all of your turntables under control on a budget.

- Michael Berk

via Stereophile