'Star Trek Mansion' Boldly Goes Where Few Men Can Afford to Go

Listen up trekkies: The 27,000-square-foot "Star Trek Mansion" in Boca Raton, Florida, can now be yours for a cool $35 million. The heart of this palace? A 1,400-square-foot theater meticulously modeled after the bridge of Starship Enterprise.

The award-winning space, designed by Acoustic Innovations, includes motion-activated air-lock doors that "whoosh" when opening and closing, a bar, and a "ready room" filled with props, models, and drawings from the Star Trek television shows and movies.

Winner of Gold and Best Architecture awards from the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) in 2007, the theater has undergone three major technology upgrades to keep it on the cutting edge. The home also boasts a secondary theater/“Call to Duty” game room that resembles a military encampment.

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Yet another theater that looks like the bridge of the Enterprise! How original! This one looks extremely well done, but stick a fork in this one, it's been DONE! -100 style points for lack of any originality.