Film Buffs are Hopping with News about Two Blockbuster Properties

Due to the astounding box-office success of James Cameron's Titanic, Paramount Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox have scrapped their plans for releasing the film's home-video version early this summer.Taken by surprise at the unending box-office interest in the film (over $300 million so far), the studios say that they will have to completely rethink the home video release. Rumors are that Titanic will be released on video for the 1998 holiday season.

In other film news, stock prices for Pixar Animation jumped last week with the announcement of a deal with Disney Pictures for the sequel, Toy Story 2. The original Toy Story grossed over $360 million worldwide and also saw the sale of over 22 million videos.

Pixar Animation is the computer-animation studio run by Steve Jobs that created the original Toy Story two years ago. Pixar has a deal with Disney that includes five animated features and related products.

In the sequel, Woody is doll-napped while Andy is away at summer camp; the rest of the toys devise a rescue plan. The voices used in the original Toy Story, including Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, will be used again for the sequel.Toy Story 2 is scheduled for release by the 1999 holiday season.