Fight Club (Blu-ray)

A ticking-time-bomb insomniac and a slippery soap salesman channel primal male aggression into a shocking new form of therapy. Their concept catches on, with underground "fight clubs" forming in every town, until a sensuous eccentric gets in the way and ignites an out-of control spiral toward oblivion.

I guess I’ll break the first rule of Fight Club and talk about the film. Honestly, if you haven’t seen this already do yourself a favor and buy it on Blu-ray—I doubt you’ll be disappointed. The film is a stylistic adaptation of the dark nihilistic novel by the same name, that challenges the social conscience similar to American Beauty, but in a more depraved, yet entertaining way. It has some interesting twists and the dark social commentary rings truer than most would dare to say or believe. Fincher at his best.

Wow, dark is putting it lightly. I’ve owned this film on DVD and D-Theater and this Blu-ray makes both look like a trip into candy land. This new transfer is considerably darker but also adds a nice level of detail and color to the intentionally drab look. This picture is oozing with style but you’d better hope your display has the contrast prowess to do it justice. The new lossless mix is also a great ride with impressive sound design that’s befitting of a modern film not a 10 year-old catalog title. Plenty of ambiance, music, and pure impact punches.

Fincher personally oversaw the Blu-ray production and there are some great supplements. You get all the great stuff from the already impressive DVD release plus a look at the sound design, some fun gags and more. Also includes are a plethora of feature commentaries, production featurettess, and deleted scenes.

I don’t know how any film lover couldn’t have this in their library. I’ve loved the film since its theatrical debut and my opinion hasn’t changed. This is a dark transfer that isn’t going to show off your low contrast display but it’s a nice step-up from previous releases. Furthermore,the soundtrack will kick you right in the chest. Highly recommended!!

Release Date: November 17, 2009
Studio: Fox

Movie: 9/10
Picture: 8/10
Sound: 9/10

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