Elite Screens Kestrel Tab-Tension 2 CLR 3 Series Screen Review Test Bench

Test Bench

Measurements were made with a 100 IRE white test pattern displayed via an Epson LS500 projector calibrated using Calman measurement software from Portrait Displays together with a Photo Research PR-650 color meter. A Minolta LS-100 luminance meter and a Murideo/AVPro (Fresco Six-G) test pattern generator were also used during testing.—AG

"Screen Target Point" Color Temperature (K) Luminance (ft-L)
Center 6520 22.7
Center Left Side 6544 18.2
Center Right Side 6771 19.4
Center Top 6432 23
Left Top 6483 17.8
Right Top 6687 18
Center Bottom 6584 20.4
Left Bottom 6738 17
Right Bottom 6766 17.9
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Bought one of these a few years ago. They would fail after about six months. Use was maybe once a week. Elite warrantied the first couple, but then simply refused. Sent me a manual screen and considered it case closed. Avoid.