Elite Screens Celebrates 15 Years in Business

2019 is a milestone year for projection specialist Elite Screens as it marks the company’s 15th anniversary.

From “humble beginnings,” the Garden Grove, California-based company has risen in prominence over the past decade-and-a-half to become a leading supplier of residential and commercial projection screens with offices in Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Latvia, Mexico, Japan, and Taiwan. Elite has nine offices in China alone.

As stated on the company website, the Elite Screen’s mission is “to make cinema-quality projection screens available to even the most modest budgets without compromising on the quality. Regardless of the projector’s cost, its accompanying screen should not be more expensive. Elite Screens Inc. is devoted to matching retail CE customers with screens that will fulfill the unique requirements each buyer has.

“It does so by mass producing a multitude of quality products in the most popular sizes and aspect ratios using a variety of formats that will accommodate any environment from integrated high-tech performance to portable, cost-effective solutions. The end result is an attainable, well made product that comes with all the accessories and is available for immediate fulfillment.”

As marketing manager for 13 of the Elite’s 15 years, David Rodgers has been a consistent presence and played a key role in growing the company into what it is today. On Friday, he issued the following statement:

Thank you for your support over the 15 years. Elite Screens Inc. was founded in 2004 by professionals from the video projector industry at a time when projector competition was enhancing quality at an increasingly lower cost. This has created a huge demographic with high expectations for a better price without compromising quality.
To commemorate the 15th anniversary, Elite produced a lifestyle video it calls “Bigger Than Life.” Click here to watch it.