Easter Egg Hunter Page 2

Moulin Rouge (20th Century Fox) Easter egg: Of all the outtakes hidden in this expertly designed DVD, my favorite involves Ewan McGregor and the lovely Nicole Kidman hamming it up after Kidman proves unable to keep a straight face during a take. How to find it: Go to "The Cutting Room" section on the bonus disc and highlight "Main Menu." Click the left arrow on your remote until a red windmill is highlighted, then click on that. Final word: This massive DVD, bursting with features and extras, is a veritable minefield of Easter eggs. Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace (Lucasfilm/20th Century Fox) Easter egg: A gigantic DVD, The Phantom Menace offers a bunch of eggs. The best has Watto, the flying, junk-selling thing, appearing out of nowhere to scold you for not hurrying up. Simple and well done. How to find it: Go to "Animatics and Still Galleries" on the second disc. Wait too long, and Watto flies on and yells at you to buy something. Final word: Sadly, there are no Easter eggs featuring the universally loathed Jar Jar Binks being garroted.

The Godfather DVD Collection (Paramount) Easter egg: Another robust DVD package (five discs!) with many eggs, it's a tie with Final Fantasy for having the best of the bunch. One egg has the cast from The Sopranos watching a Godfather bootleg. How to find it: Go to "Galleries" on the bonus disc, click on "DVD Credits," and then hit "Next" four times. Final word: Truly, this is a DVD you can't refuse. Independence Day (20th Century Fox) Easter egg: This film hasn't aged well, but someone cared about the DVD package. The best of the eggs are the faux newscasts announcing the coming alien invasion, which were never fully seen in the movie. It's a bit of a game to get to them, though. How to find it: On the second disc, go to "Data Console" and click enter on your remote. Then highlight the "Main Menu" button, and click the right arrow on your remote. After the red "power" light on the desktop computer comes on, press enter. The computer will "turn on" and you'll briefly see a spaceship graphic. Board the spaceship by hitting 7 and then 4 on your remote, and then press enter. This gives you access to a hidden menu with four choices, including the news broadcasts. Final word: Phew! Finding the Easter eggs on this disc was a truly interactive effort. Planet of the Apes (20th Century Fox) Easter egg: It's sad, really - another DVD with more imagination poured into it than the film it serves. A hidden commentary spoken in "ape" is a treat well worth seeking out. How to find it: On the first disc, go to "Special Features" and click on "Commentaries." Then press your remote's down arrow and highlight the "Back" button. Next, press the up arrow to highlight a red monkey and click enter. Final word: Get your paws on these damn, dirty apes. This flick should have been more of an intentional comedy. Shrek (DreamWorks) Easter egg: A fun DVD for a fun movie. The best egg in the basket features the animated characters doing karaoke. How to find it: On the second disc's main menu, click on the graphic of a musical note. Once the donkey flies by, you'll hear all the characters sing. Final word: Make sure you explore every menu screen on this DVD. Aside from other Easter eggs, each screen offers mini-animated bits that are very funny. X-Men (20th Century Fox) Easter egg: The best egg features a surprise guest interrupting our intrepid gang of mutant do-gooders. How to find it: In "Special Features," click on "Theatrical Trailers/TV Spots." You should see an icy rose pattern - click on that and watch the outtake. Final word: This is a "For Nerds Only" experience, but worth unearthing. T2: Judgment Day (Artisan) Easter egg: Even more Ah-nuld! The DVD of James Cameron's epic features the original film, an extended version, and, as an Easter egg, the extended version with an alternate ending. How to find it: Highlight the words "Play Special Edition" in the Special Edition menu. Then enter the numbers 82997 on your remote's keypad. When "Play Extended Special Edition" is highlighted, press enter. Final word: The alternate ending isn't earth-shattering, but it's still a very cool extra.