E3 2013 Highlights Page 2

Mad Max

Didn't get to see this one in person. Where's the Australian accent?


Holy CRAP, a new property! It's not Manshooter 16: Manshooterest. True, Destiny kind of looks like Activision/Blizzard trying to get all Mass Effect-y (or developer Bungie trying REALLY hard not to be too Halo-y), but that's hardly a bad thing. I have to say, it looks like an interesting universe. Not too much gameplay shown but color me intrigued.

I could help but be impressed with the giant screen too:

Lit by a massive array of enormous projectors:

Perhaps even more amusing, even though this is what the image looked like when the image blanked for a moment (a lucky photo, for sure):

When there was video on the screen, even though there was tons of image overlap, the uniformity was better than most LED LCDs. Cool.