DVD REVIEW: Event Horizon

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Event Horizon is a suspenseful and entertaining interstellar-horror flick that has garnered something of a mini-cult following since its 1997 release. In this new edition, the film looks and sounds fabulous. Deep space is as black as black gets, and the titular ship's interiors are presented with a wide, vivid color palette and lots of artifact-free detail. The 5.1-channel mix throws plenty of punctuating effects to the surround channels, and Michael Kamen's dynamically reproduced, bass-heavy score creates an enveloping sense of foreboding.

The extras on this two-disc set are extremely generous. In addition to six comprehensive making-of featurettes (that add up to two hours), you get a commentary from director Paul W.S. Anderson and producer Jeremy Bolt. Happily, the pair get much more techie than the usual fare does - a great bonus for the video geeks among us. [R] English, Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 5.1, and Dolby Surround; French, Dolby Digital 5.1; letterboxed (2.35:1) and anamorphic widescreen; two dual-layer discs.

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