DTV on Your Computer? Telemann Thinks So

The computer is already an integral part of most technophile's lives, but has yet to make its presence felt in the home theater realm. That may change with the introduction of a DTV receiver card for PCs from San Jose, CA-based Global Telemann Systems.

Its manufacturer is touting the HiPix DTV-200 as a complete solution to the DTV problem. According to Telemann, the DTV-200 is ATSC compliant, outputs high definition video in both 1080i and 720p formats, and offers Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. The PCI card is also compatible with "legacy" video, and will receive and decode all NTSC analog signals.

That's only part of the lure. Telemann's new creation will also turn your computer's hard drive into a video recorder using MPEG2 technology. Playback is at the same quality as the original broadcast, according to a company press release. The DTV-200 supports "3:2 pulldown" video scaling for "optimum display of film and video-originated source material, and upconverts NTSC S-Video and Composite video sources to 1080i or 720p. Output options include a "full range of HDTV and VGA resolution setting choices."

The DTV-200's output signal is compatible with any HD-ready TV, projector, or monitor. Analog audio outputs will feed any amplifier. An electronic programming guide, ATSC channel schedule, and intuitive on-screen controls are all part of the package. A remote control and CD-ROM for automatic installation of drivers and application software are included. The DTV-200 should be available in December, according to advance publicity.