Texas Instruments says its prototype DLP projector is small enough to fit in your pocket, and you'll be happy to see it, too.

Actually, the not-yet-ready-for-prime-time projector is "small enough to fit on your fingertips", according to TI, and can work as a stand-alone projector or as a display device integrated into another component, such as a cell phone, a digital camera, or a portable media player.

TI says the small-scale nature of the projector is the result of the company's evolving "pico-projection technology." TI also used the unveiling as an opportunity to politely slam competing display technologies.

Currently, Panasonic's smallest LCD projector weighs in at just under three pounds and is over 9" x 7". Last year, Microvision announced a prototype of its "PicoP" projection technology designed to be integrated into cell phones and other devices. Microvision claimed the projector would be able to project a high-resolution laptop-sized image and anticipates the product being commercially available in 2008.