Disappearing Act - In-Wall Speakers

It’s the great debate of home theater enthusiasts: Should you compromise your room’s uncluttered design in order to accommodate a bigger speaker system? Whether you’re a minimalist with a taste for high-quality sound or a home theater fanatic who doesn’t have room for an ordinary speaker system, it’s time to consider in-walls. These nearly invisible speakers can give you outstanding sound without taking up space, and they show off your room’s design in an unobtrusive way. If you’ve never thought about in-walls, it may be time for a change of heart.

Sonance X6S TL In-Wall Speakers ($975/pair)
(pictured above)
Sometimes the decision to go with in-wall speakers in your home theater comes down to a matter of space. Sonance’s new ThinLine series takes this into account, with ultra-thin speakers that are engineered for shallow-depth installations. The square-shaped X6S TL is a standout with its stellar sound quality and sleek, aesthetically pleasing appearance. It uses carbon-fiber woofers and silk-dome tweeters for a sumptuous sound experience. From a company that’s known for its in-walls, these speakers will satisfy even the most demanding audiophile. www.sonance.com

Russound Acclaim 7C76 In-Wall Speakers ($565/pair)
Russound’s new Acclaim 7 series of in-wall speakers sets out to be anything but ordinary. These striking in-walls incorporate Russound’s trademark Iso-Mount isolation system that exemplifies the company’s acoustic technologies. The Acclaim 7 series offers 18 models, and consumers can choose a model that suits whatever materials and options they most desire. You can choose between driver materials like Kevlar, titanium, and silk, and from die-cast aluminum baskets and bridges as well. The Acclaim 7C76 is designed to stand out from the pack and fit into any home theater. www.russound.com

Paradigm SIG-ADP In-Wall Surround ($1,499/each)
A surround can transform your sound into a truly immersive experience. Paradigm’s in-wall surround does this while showing off your immaculate room as well. The SIG-ADP doesn’t aim to sacrifice sound quality for space, either. It incorporates Paradigm’s signature Adapted DiPole (ADP) design and provides a listening experience that emulates traditional standalone surrounds. The SIG-ADP has a three-way, seven-driver configuration with an Ultra-Rigid die-cast chassis and mounting bracket. This helps reduce resonance and sonic degradations that are common with in-wall installations. www.paradigm.com

Snell Acoustics IW-B7 In-Wall Speaker ($5,000/each)
With Snell Acoustics’ IW-B7, audiophiles don’t need to worry about the lack of care and quality that goes into their in-wall speakers. Snell features the same driver configuration and engineering technology in its newest in-wall that it employs in its full-range B7 reference tower. The company handcrafts and hand-tunes each speaker for the ultimate precision and listening experience. Snell’s IW-B7 includes dual 8-inch woofers in a D’Appolito array, and the speaker rotates for vertical or horizontal placement. Although this in-wall speaker is an investment, Snell promises that its quality will speak for itself. www.snellacoustics.com

Dynaudio IW 17 In-Wall Speaker ($375/each)
If you think in-walls are only meant for those who have a custom-installation-sized income, think again. Dynaudio takes on this claim with its budget-friendly IW 17 in-wall speaker. Proving that in-walls can have it all without a high price tag, the IW 17 has a geometrically optimized magnesium silicate polymer (MSP) cone membrane and a 7.5-inch soft-dome tweeter. The front baffle includes a two-step toggle switch, and the frame is made of lightweight, rigid injection-molded plastic that’s easy to install. With this in-wall, it’s clear that Dynaudio isn’t playing favorites. www.dynaudio.com

Definitive Technology IWSub Reference In-Wall Subwoofer ($1,199/each)
A complete in-wall speaker system is no longer impossible with Definitive Technology’s in-wall subwoofer. The IWSub Reference in-wall subwoofer (when paired with the SubAmp 600 companion amplifier, $649) complements your existing in-wall speakers with a tight, punchy low end. It has the same technology that Definitive Technology already incorporates in its award-winning SuperCube sub, including a 13-inch shallow-depth, long-excursion active driver that’s pressure-coupled to a 13-inch Ultra Low Bass radiator. This results in a total bass-radiating surface area of more than 265 square inches. When you add this nearly undetectable sub to your home theater setup, your guests will be blown away. www.definitivetech.com