DigitalTheater 6000: Latest Boston Acoustics/Gateway Venture

Every few days, the convergence envelope gets pushed a little further. Last week, on July 15, Boston Acoustics announced its new DigitalTheater 6000 loudspeaker system, which the company describes as "a complete Dolby Digital 5.1 surround-sound system created specifically for use with computing and home theater systems." The five-satellites-plus-subwoofer system is being packaged by Gateway with its Destination computer systems.

DigitalTheater 6000 is the fourth BA product to be marketed by Gateway, one of the world’s largest and most successful direct marketers of computer systems. Previous Boston products packaged with Gateway computers include the MediaTheater and MicroTheater systems, both of which are two-channel satellite-and-subwoofer systems. The 6000 is the first full-surround system to be offered by Gateway. The new product is strong evidence of both companies' belief in the growing convergence of information and entertainment systems.

This latest Boston Acoustics product includes an actively equalized six-channel amplifier, a dual-chamber subwoofer, and a matched set of magnetically shielded satellites for front, center, right, and rear channels. The subwoofer, with a 6.5" long-throw driver, is similar to those used in the MediaTheater and MicroTheater systems. The 6000 system also comes with a pre-programmed remote control that will operate 376 models of TVs, VCRs, and cable converter boxes.

Bill Graber, marketing manager for Gateway's Destination DMC line, said, "The DigitalTheater 6000 fits the philosophy of our Destination line . . . it confirms Gateway's commitment to provide our clients with high-performance, high-value audio solutions." Boston Acoustics, a well-established 19-year-old company that produces a full line of speakers for auto, home, and computer use, enjoyed net sales of $82.4 million in its most recent fiscal year---an increase of 64% over the previous year. The DigitalTheater 6000 is now available from Gateway and Boston Acoustics dealers.