D-BOX Odyssee Series 2 Motion-Simulation System At A Glance

At A Glance: D-BOX Odyssee Series 2 kinetron controller

Digital input/output: coaxial audio (1/1)
Analog input/output: left/right and LFE (1/1)
Other: RS-232 (57.6 kbps), RJ-45 (4, can control up to four separate seating areas)
Dimensions (H x W x D, inches): 7 x 17 x 13
Weight (pounds): 13
Price: $5,000


D-BOX Odyssee Series 2 Motion-Simulation System

Build Quality: 90
The ample control box can be rack-mounted
Heavy, precisely machined actuators

Value: 86
It's costly but has high-quality hardware and software
It will give you the most sophisticated home theater on the block

Features: 87
You can customize both intensity and audio modes
The system will add effects to hundreds of supported DVDs

Performance: 97
Quick, quiet, accurate operation
An amazingly realistic, engrossing experience

Ergonomics: 85
A fairly simple remote and largely automated functions
The on-unit display is tricky to read across a darkened theater

Overall Rating: 91
The potential boon to movie-watching that this custom-install motion simulator offers is staggering, as it can indeed turn your favorite films into bona fide thrill rides.

General information
Odyssee Kinetron Controller, $5,000
Odyssee Integrated Actuator Set, prices range from $5,000—$15,000
Odyssee Platform Actuator Set, prices range from $20,000—$27,000
D-BOX Technologies
(450) 442-3230
Dealer Locator Code DBX

Dealer Locator Code DBX
(450) 442-3230