Customization In a Box

Imagine taking a complete rack system and condensing it into a single chassis. Maybe it sounds like science fiction or just a system's integrator's pipedream. Michael Pyle, the president of SE2 Labs, was a systems integrator and knows all the ups and downs of the trade. What once was a pipedream is now a reality in the form of the ITC One.

As a homeowner you really would like to cut the down on those labor costs and have those workman out of your home sooner than later. According to Pyle, even when an installer accrues hours upon hours of labor costs, sometimes those big, fancy jobs are still a loosing proposition. Getting in and out on multiple jobs is far more lucrative than spending days and weeks on a single installation. So it seems both the homeowner and installer are actually in agreement, get the job done as quickly and effectively as possible.

You could call the ITC One the ultimate "home theater in a box'", or at least a single enclosure. Each unit is custom built based on the client's specification and all the components are top of the line in their category. The basic unit comes standard with:

  • Vidikron Video Processor
  • Bryston Digital Surround Processor
  • ICEpower High End D-Class Amplifier
  • Netlinx Control system
  • Transparent Cable Power Conditioning
  • Microsoft X-Box 360
  • Apple iPod video dock
  • HD DVR
  • SE2 RF System Remote Control
  • Super Quiet Cooling System
  • 4.3 Front Touch Screen
  • Anti Noise and Vibration system
  • Super Easy 2 Connect Rear Panel
  • Transparent Cable
  • 8 Port Ethernet Switch
  • Some of the optional features include Apple TV, a Blu-ray disc drive, and a Nintendo Wi.

Most of the cabling and connections are done internally so that only a few connections are actually made from the ITC One, such as your speaker connections, subwoofer line level out, an HDMI out to your display, and an analog audio output for a second zone.

Sure, it costs a lot, but potentially half as much as what it would cost to purchase all those components separately. Just think of the space you'll save and you won’t have to give up one of your closets just to store all your gear.