Coming Attractions

College kids, listen up! Have you been trying to re-create your home theater's sound in the dorm room, only to realize that a "closet" measuring 15 feet wide by 20 deep isn't nearly enough room for all of the equipment you'll need? Denon's new D-M71DVXP DVD receiver system may be able to help you out. The system incorporates Dolby Virtual Speaker surround technology, which uses just two speakers to deliver a 5.1-channel surround sound experience. Features include an integrated DVD/receiver unit, two satellite speakers, and a subwoofer. To achieve quality sound and picture reproduction, the D-M71DVXP uses Analog Devices' Hammerhead SHARC 32-bit DSP audio processors. The two-way speakers each offer dual 2-inch midbass drivers and a 0.5-inch dome tweeter. A 100-watt subwoofer rounds out the audio component. The receiver has an aluminum faceplate; the subwoofer has a wood finish; and the satellite speakers are housed in aluminum with wood-finished end caps. The system retails for $999, and a two-channel version is also available for $699. Now you know what to ask for this holiday season.
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; certainly, anyone who sees MartinLogan's newest products will have to agree. But there's more to these products than meets the eye. The Mosaic floorstanding loudspeaker features MartinLogan's Advanced Thin Film transducers, which (according to the company) offer superb clarity, detail, and resolution. The Mosaic measures 9.44 inches wide by 11.69 deep by 40 high and sells for $1,995 per pair. The Fresco on-wall/off-wall L/C/R loudspeaker also incorporates ATF technology into its design and is a versatile little thing: It can function as your main, center, or surround speaker; it can hang vertically or horizontally on the wall; or you can place it on a floor, shelf, or center-channel stand. The piece measures 24 inches wide by 5.69 deep by 8.25 high and is available for $995. Rounding out the collection is Grotto subwoofer, which features a 10-inch driver and a control system that purportedly yields three- to 10-fold distortion reduction. Measuring 15 inches wide by 12.9 deep by 15.38 high, the Grotto can be yours for $995. Whoever said beauty's only skin deep was lying.
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