CES 2009: New Harmony touchscreen remote

Logitech’s Harmony remote control division announced their latest remote, the successor to the Harmony 1000, their first foray into the true touchscreen market. The new remote, the Harmony 1100, has some cosmetic upgrades as well as some major behind the scenes software retooling that should make the remote both more user and programmer friendly.

The remote now features “soft buttons” that can be personalized to allow users to customize the remote to their exact specifications. Also touchscreen icons, images and buttons can all be personalized on the 3.5-inch, QVGA resolution color screen. Also, they have incorporated some tactile guides around the screen to help position fingers and locate buttons without looking at the remote.

The remote will be RF capable with an optional extender kit, allowing users to control gear even when it is out of in another room or behind closed cabinets.

The remote felt good in my hands, and comes in a cool matte-black finish. Look for the 1100 remote around February at a cost of $499.--John Sciacca