CEDIA: Justice League of Media Center formed

Today at CEDIA a new alliance of superheroes has been formed. And instead of fighting crime and world domination with X-ray vision and supersonic flight, this group will focus their power on sharing practices, establishing standards and developing education and certification tools to help installers and integrators further the Media Center cause.

The group's name: The Media Center Integrator Alliance (MCIA). Founding members and those sitting on the board of directors include a who's who of the computing world. Members include AMD, Crestron, HP, Intel, Lifeware, Niveus Media, and Microsoft. 

With the latest developments in powerful CPUs, digital cable tuners, high-speed networking, and the most up-to-date A/V systems, the Alliance wants to continue creating and developing products optimized for use with Media Center. The goal is to raise awareness of Media Center and to help integrators to assemble the right mix of Media Center compatible products to fully serve any residential or commercial installation requirement.

Time will tell whether this group becomes more Lex Luther than Superman in their quest for world Media Center domination! – John Sciacca

John Sciacca is The Custom Installer columnist for Sound & Vision. His company is Custom Theater and Audio.