Cambridge Audio Software Update Adds Retro VU Meters to CXN100 Streamer

Software updates are great for fixing technical glitches and adding new features to all kinds of AV gear, but VU meters?

The latest Cambridge Audio over-the-air update includes an option to display cool looking analog VU (volume unit) meters in the spacious color screen on the front of its $1,100 CXN100 network player.

The software update, which was released a few weeks earlier for the brand’s EVO series of streaming amplifiers, was so popular that the company decided to extend it to the CXN100. The update also includes a clock display option.

Owners of the CXN100 network player and Evo 75, Evo 150, and Evo 150 DeLorean Edition streaming amplifiers can access the retro VU or clock display by tapping the information (i) button on the front panel. Doing so gives them the choice of replacing album artwork with VU meters showing left- and right-channel signal levels or a large digital clock display.

The CXN100 is a ground-up redesign of Cambridge Audio’s award-winning CXN V2 network player. For more information on the CXN100, visit .