Cambridge Audio CXUHD Ultra HD Blu-ray Player Review Specs

Dimensions (WxHxD, Inches): 16.9 x 3.2 x 12.3
Weight (Pounds): 11
Video Outputs: HDMI 2.0a (1)
Audio Outputs: HDMI (audio-only), coaxial digital, optical digital
Other: HDMI 2.0 input, LAN, USB (2), RS-232C, trigger in/out
Price: $700

Company Info
Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio

SuicideSquid's picture

It's a shame they're asking almost $200 more than the Oppo for fewer features and identical performance.

Has Cambridge made any comments on future support and availability, given that Oppo is getting out of the physical media player game?

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In April, Cambridge releases a statement that included the following:

Oppo have pledged to maintain long term support for their products and Cambridge will continue to work with them to ensure that CXUHD customers continue to benefit from their expertise.

Cambridge customers can rest assured that the CXUHD firmware will continue to be maintained and updates released from time to time when new features or bug fixes warrant such an upgrade.

We have also arranged the option for product supply to be available for at least a year ahead and with component availability that allows us to offer service and repairs into the foreseeable future beyond that.

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Since they're not hiding the fact it's a OPPO clone, why not clone the remote as well? The non-backlit remote is a huge disadvantage.

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Since they're not hiding fact it's an OPPO clone, why not analog outputs? Usually, the built in DACs of such a unit (like the OPPO 205) are superior to a typical AV receiver (unless it is very high end as well).It looks like the optical and coaxial digital output will export 24/196, but DSD is via HDMI only, so one needs a processor that will accept the semi-proprietary signal.