Cable Operators Decry Bundling

Cable operators are complaining about package deals that junk up their systems with channels they don’t want.

The American Cable Association wrote in a statement to the FCC that the nine biggest media companies force cable ops to buy a minimum of 65 channels, thereby privileging fluff over fresh content from smaller indie companies:

“Independent programming lineups are dominated by programming unique to the channel, rather than warmed-over content once aired elsewhere. New episodes are a prominent feature of the independents’ daily lineups, whereas they are almost nonexistent on the unwanted bundled channels.” If the FCC wants to promote diversity in the cable marketplace, says the ACA, “forced bundling should be the commission’s top priority.”

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My Roku stick will put these Cables companies out of biz..
Just saying..

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Unless you like to watch live sports. Then you are sunk until more of the sports networks are available on streaming packages.

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Cable companies complaining about bundling junking up their channels is a textbook definition of irony. From way, way back (I managed a customer service group for a cable company back when 2 way cable was just a marketing idea) cable companies have played the # of channels game to pry-bar more money out of subscribers.

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Lol, we're all sick of paying for channels we don't want. Starting with a zillion "sports" channels.

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The reason I subscribe to satellite/cable is because I can get a zillion sports channels. If I could get sports/HBO/Showtime/Comedy Central as a package I would be sooooo happy. I use Amazon/Netflix/Filmstruck for everything else. Right now the steaming services just don't offer the selection of sport I require, because I'm a sports fiend. Soon, though, soon.