C-3D Digital and PICKSat Announce Agreement

Last week, C-3D Digital and PICKSat announced that they have agreed to uplink an IP (Internet protocol) broadband version of C-3D Digital's three-dimensional (3D) satellite channel, which now transmits via the SpaceNet3 satellite. The uplink will originate from PICKSat's gateway facilities in Miami. In addition to its existing C-band distribution, the new format will allow C-3D Digital's programming service to be received by broadband Internet subscribers.

C-3D Digital says it has developed stereographic 3D and 2D-to-3D real-time conversion and display capabilities, which will be used by its 3D television network. The company will offer its subscribers 3D movies, sports, and other programming, produced in stereographic 3D or converted from 2D to 3D.

PICKSat plans to use Microsoft's Media Player technology for decoding the C-3D Digital Channel on end-user PCs. PICKSat will also use the Philips Digital Video Broadcast MPEG-2 CleverCast Data Broadcasting System for uplinking C-3D Digital's programming signal and end-user processing.

According to C-3D Digital's CEO, Michael Heil, "We elected to work with PICKSat for the testing of an IP broadband version of our C-3D Digital Channel because PICKSat offers near-term availability of our existing service via their broadband satellite platform. This can open new markets for C-3D Digital's programming service through new emerging IP broadband networks. In addition, PICKSat and its technology partners have the ability to seamlessly broadcast the high-bandwidth IP C-3D Digital Channel onto these networks, which ultimately will lead to new subscribers."